Manuels Transmissions - Do not book with this company.

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We booked and paid for a trip to Manu Nature Reserve with this company for January, 2013.After we arrived in Peru, Manu Nature Tours informed us by email that they were cancelling our tour because they don't operate during January.

They refused to refund our money but instead offered us a "rain check" if we came back any other time. We traveled to Peru specifically to take this tour. We have no plans to return at another time.

We were a party of 4 adults.None of this was stated in the contract we signed with them when we paid them.

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Manuels Transmissions - Mechanic's Diagnostic Wrong

Fontana, California 2 comments
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I wanted to have my 03 Honda Accord automatic transmission checked out because it was not changing gears properly.So I took it in to a shop for diagnosis, and was told that it was the transmission pressure valves that needed to be replaced.

Rebuilt entire transmission, per mechanic recommendation, for $1931.11. After a month got the car back and it was doing the exact same things, AND there were a few new issues, such as steering wheel was crooked, the airbag light was on, horn does not work, cruise control dials on steering wheel do not work, and radio dials on steering wheels do not work. Took the car back and he said he will take care of it. However, I feel that the diagnosis was incorrect because the transmission was completely rebuilt but it is still doing the exact same thing.

What should I do????

Manuel's Transmission 352 Foothill bl.Rialto, Ca

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Oak Park, Indiana, United States #207925

Is it possible that they did not replace all of the components correctly???Why would it be having the exact same symptoms after it was rebuilt???

What would my next step be???Im frustrated and trying to be understanding but the only other option I know of is small claims, which probably will not do anything either.


Hi Aldrete2010

Transmissions can have different problems that can cause the same drivability symptom. Of course I wasn't able to see what was wrong with your original transmission, but Hondas are common for transmission failures when the mileage gets above 75,000 miles or so. It depends on how often they're serviced and how hard they're driven. It's impossible to say they misdiagnosed the original complaint since the transmission has since been overhauled.

As far as the rest of the complaints, let's see how the shop handles those problems. The crooked steering wheel I can see the shop causing since the front end has to be dismantled during transmission removal. The airbag lights and loss of function with the steering wheel buttons seem unrelated.

If you need someone to talk to the shop regarding repairs they recommend, or if things just don't sound right, let me know by contacting me through


Jon Rodriguez

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